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Routine Float £POA

Recommended every 6-12 months. Call out charges may apply. Discounts may apply.

  • Initial consultation

  • External facial examination

  • Oral examination

  • Removal of sharp enamel points

  • Removal of small focal overgrowths 

  • Rostral profiling of the first pre molars

  • Removal of loose deciduous caps 

  • Clearing and flushing of diastema

  • Removal of supragingival calculus

  • Post treatment assessment

  • Dental chart including all findings, treatments and ongoing treatment plan*

Advanced Float £POA

In addition to routine float. Performed in conjunction with an Equine Veterinary Surgeon.


  • Incisor reduction and realignment 

  • Realignment of table angles

  • Reduction of ETR, waves, step mouth, large focal overgrowths 

  • Extraction of teeth or dental fragments with negligible periodontal attachments

  • Removal of erupted, non-displaced wolf teeth in the upper or lower jaw under direct and continuous Veterinary supervision

  • Palliative rasping of fractured and adjacent teeth

  • Referrals 

Bitting Service £POA

Ideally performed post routine/advanced float. Bespoke bit fitting service.                      

  • Initial consultation

  • Bit and bridle inspection

  • Initial ridden assessment

  • External facial examination

  • Oral examination

  • Measurement and casting of the width, roof and bars

  • Appropriate selection of bit and bridle based upon measurements and casts

  • Post fitting ridden assessment

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